Friday 25/5

– 18.30 Presentation of Abel Paz’s book “Inside the Fog” from Νaftilos Publishers

– 20.00 Event-discussion:

*Presentation of the Women’s assembly against Patriarchy. The importance of women’s organization and struggle against Patriarchy as a part of the wider struggle against state and capital.

* Video viewing & briefing – Discussion about the 1st international political, artistic, athletic and cultural meeting of women who struggle, called by the Zapatista women in the caracol of Morelia (8-10 March 2018).

* Presentation of the brochure “Challenges for women’s liberation. A Look Through Women Struggles in Chiapas ”

by the Group against patriarchy of the Anarchist Political Organization (APO)  – Federation of Collectives

22.00 Live with: Dudettes

Music night with american working class songs and more…

Saturday 26/5

-19.00 Event-discussion:

«Rebuilding Libertatia Squat, the repressive strategies and the political defense» by the political group Libertatia

22.οο. Musical concert for the financial support of Libertatia squat with : three way plane,




in Esperos (Georgiou square)

*Both days, from 18:00 there will be an exhibition of posters and printed materials of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement, as well as a small book fair.

anarchist group “dissinios ippos”– member of A.P.O. (Anarchist Political Organization)

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