At 6:30a.m., on the dawn of Monday the 5th of August, a wide-range police ”operation” took place in the city of Patras. The purpose of the operation was to force the evacuation of, the “Steki TEI – N.Gyzi” squat, the “Maragkopouleio” squat, and the historical “Parartima” Squat. The climate of absolute police repression is palapable.  Inasmuch as the police arrested five comrades who were in Maragkopouleio squat, interrogated several others who were outside of Maragkopouleio building expressing their solidarity, or in several other places in the city, their presence was unmistakingly felt. The state, once again, demonstrated the “democratic” tactics of its iron-fisted control. The repressive operation against squats and free spaces of the movements across Greece that started only months ago, continue to this day.
Against the ongoing repression  we propose solidarity with our comrades who are faced daily with multifaced social struggles. For us, occupations are an integral part of this fight. They are not utopian islets of freedom, but rather hubs of resistance, bases of comradery of our war against the state and the capital, against all forms of oppression. The squats are not just empty walls to be beset by siege and burned down. They are a part of our struggle. It is the people themselves who are turning the squats in to living spaces of creation, expression, solidarity and resistance. As long as there are those who will not cease fighting, attacks against the squats will achieve nothing more than to enrage us and bring us closer together. The buildings can be evacuated and sealed but the ideas exchanged within them, remain forever, and over time, resonate more powerfully .  If there is something to be said to the leaders of these grotesque acts demonstrated against those in the squats, it is that we are not afraid. We are not terrorised and we will continue to be here.
 AnarchistS & Solidarians

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